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Talk To Me

Talk To Me

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Emma By Purpletiger333 Completed

Part 1
Phil is the new boy to school. Dan is the loner who doesn't talk. After his new friends, Chris and Pj, convince him to talk to him, Phil finds himself fascinated with him. As they grow closer he learns that the silent boy has a lot more to him.
Part  2
After high school Dan and Phil moved in together, growing closer than before. As Phil finds out more and more about Dan's horrible past he finds himself feeling something more... Does Dan? What are they going to do though when Dan finally breaks? Can Phil fix him? And after 5 years of asking of Phil asking 'talk to me' will he?

A/N Part 1 is mostly an in-depth backstory if you want to skip, although it might not make sense then. It also contains no actual 'Phan'. It will be entirely Phils POV for part 1 and mostly Phil for part 2. 
This book was inspired by 'Speak Up Already' by Geniusotaku. 
This is my first fan fiction so constructive criticism is appreciated.
Credit to whoever made the cover, idk who it was I just found it.


Contains: Phan (duh), KickTheStickz, Troyler, minor Zalfie.

WARNING!!!! This book will probably be VERY triggering!! CONTAINS: attempted suicide, triggering thoughts, boyxboy, anorexia, depression, anxiety, selective muteness, abuse.

I'm on verge of hyperventilation for some reason bc this just sounds so right??
Dont_Take_My_Book Dont_Take_My_Book Dec 20, 2016
... I can make no sense of what any of you are saying... Why must schooling systems be so different!
Can this war end?
                              I don't ship Troyler, I don't ship Tronner.
                              BECAUSE I PHUCKING SHIP TRONLER
I'm honoured to be added in to this fan fiction id like to thank my fri.... wait never mind I don't have any to thank
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