Let's Meet Percabeth (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

Let's Meet Percabeth (Percy Jackson Fanfiction)

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Percabethofficial By percabethofficial Updated Apr 06

*Note: If you read the first chapter and think the writing is too juvenile and, admittedly, cringe-worthy, please skip the first ten or so chapters, because the writing does improve a lot

Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase. The couple that everyone admires and envies. 

They'll encounter jealous assholes, cocky jerks, new and old friends, and their loving families, but through it all, they'll still be Percabeth, everyone's favourite couple. 

This is a story of one-shots in which Percy and Annabeth encounter all of the above, in a cliche, yet hopefully humorous, enjoyable, cute and fluffy way. Mortals and demigods shall meet PERCABETH! 


He'll Ask you to the dance when Hera stops ruining people's lives
Cece8804 Cece8804 Jul 09
He'll ask you to the dance when Hera isn't a total grade-A bitch
Don't you dare call my sister a dumb blonde and his true love is right next to him
                              *thinks of Lord of the Rings and starts fangirling*
cheunt2 cheunt2 Jul 01
You just called Annabeth dumb. APHRODITE RANGERS ATTACKKKKKKK
Please we have enough creeps in our fandom percabeth life is awsome