Emma:  Friends and Lovers (F&L Story #1)

Emma: Friends and Lovers (F&L Story #1)

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Heather McGhee By hmmcghee Completed

Michael and Emma -- best friends forever...  Until the two friends crossed the platonic barrier and became intimate.  Fast forward five years, and they are reunited.  Add one meddling roommate, one weekend at the lake, and one HUGE misunderstanding to clear up...  And you've got the makings for a romance of BFF proportions.

Illicit_Mind Illicit_Mind Nov 14, 2017
I already love this girl. Some months ago i read your other book ”Love Untold”, it was one of the best books that i ve read on wattpad. There should be a movie made after that book.
BriellaMoore BriellaMoore Aug 08, 2017
You're hilarious. Do people actually say these kinds of things in their minds? I think I have to give you more props for thinking of something this amazing.
lavachequiread lavachequiread Feb 02, 2016
You keep saying that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
ProdigiousDork ProdigiousDork Oct 28, 2015
OMG i tease my friend about the eyebrow thing too! he hates the fact that I can quirk one eyebrow and he can't, and I do it as often as I can to annoy him lol
AngelsHeart27 AngelsHeart27 Jan 18, 2015
I go to Alaska every summer to escape the harsh heat of California lol not a big fan of summer as you can tell.
presa22 presa22 May 13, 2014
sorry but time frame is confusing me.. i think i wil make a timeline :)