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HUMAN By teenxrunaway Completed

"Criminal and Gang Leader Harry Styles was released from prison today after serving ten years behind bars"

Harry Styles suffers from HOCD (Human Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) and is now convinced that this condition is gone. But what happens when Elena from across the street comes into the picture? 

"My life was black and white until she came along and filled it with colour"

« O T H E R  S T O R I E S  P U B L I S H E D:
- Robot Lover ; H.S

Short Story;

- Gang Leader's Daughter
- Gang Leader's Regret

- The Cave

kira09296 kira09296 Jul 14
That sounds like something a creep man in a movie would say "Don't say I didn't warn you" then back away in a dark alley with a creepy smirk on his face
Niazyl_ Niazyl_ Jul 27
If they had no proof or evidence he did why would they arrest him for so long? And if he witnessed and didn't call it in, they still wouldn't give him 10 years and he's a minor.
mehvishp mehvishp Jun 05
HOCD deals with an obsession with someone of the same sex so it kind of destroys the purpose of this whole story
Shovia2012 Shovia2012 Jun 27
I thought it said,
                               " and what makes it worse is that you are my son...."
Who care what the heck it means, she described it as human not homosexual, if yoy don't like then don't read it, gosh people.