Good Girl Gone Bad

Good Girl Gone Bad

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Erin Robertson By Erin__Robertson__ Completed

Valerie had always been labelled as the "goody- two- shoes" and the "nobody", she only ever had her three friends that knew the real her. 

She lived day in, day out being mocked and being called names, that is until she met Finn. 

Valerie needed to figure out who her real friends are and who she really trusts. 

She changed everything about herself, but will she regret her choices?

  • bad
  • family
  • friendship
  • girl
  • gone
  • good
  • love
  • trust
BellaTashi BellaTashi Oct 16, 2017
I got mine on in august 2015 and has them for two years before getting them off august 8th this year. Honestly thougj, it's not that hard to brush, it's the flossing that took forever which I never did😂😂😂
pegasiarereal pegasiarereal Apr 26, 2017
I feel the pain. We had a year group assembly first day back after Easter. We were apparently being to noisy and the teacher was like 'this isn't a great start to the term is it?' And I said to my friend 'yeah, assembly's suck!"
ultimate_nerd53 ultimate_nerd53 Jul 11, 2017
It's not really hard but if you include flossing and that crap then it is
loserrichie- loserrichie- Jul 20, 2016
I wake up fine and dandy but then by the time I find it handy to rip my heart apart and start planning my crash landing
                              I go 
                              To the ceiling and I feel my soul start leaving , like an old mans hair receding 
                              TOP anyone? Ode to sleep is my sht
fromnetflix fromnetflix May 17, 2016
I got my braces off in November and it was the greatest day of my life
ChloeWelsh7 ChloeWelsh7 May 29, 2016
Tonight's going to be a good night, tonight's going to be  a good good night