Sweet Agression [On Hold]

Sweet Agression [On Hold]

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DejahTiara By DejahTiara Updated May 07, 2015

Cole glares at Chris and his body stiffens then starts to shakes uncontrollably. Growls rumbling from deep within his chest. He pushes me behind him. oh no, there's about to be a funeral. 

Calvin moves out of the way as Cole takes a step up to stand right in front of Chris.

"She is Mine!!" He roars in Chris's face and grabs him by the neck slamming him into the wall. 

"I am all she needs!!"Spit flying from his mouth. He lifts him up by his neck slowly so they are at eye level. Chris feet is dangling above ground. 

"Do you understand?! pup! "

Stefani is crazy shy, a loner/nerd, and bit feisty. Cole is quiet, scary, and possessive. They both live in a world where werewolves coexist with humans as the dominant race and they are mates for life.

Aww they're so cute and they're already my relationship goals and they're like 5馃槶馃槀
abelisbae abelisbae Aug 12
Sorry I'm not being mean or anything but aggression is spelt wrong in the title
marvel-ness marvel-ness Apr 05
When your best friend is that gorgeous, it's hard not to think like that 馃槏馃槏
Nikokitten Nikokitten Nov 13
You ain't bout to bully nobody out they own damn child lil boy 馃槕馃槕
PinkPixey PinkPixey Oct 06
Boiiiiiiii if you don't go catch some rebounds with yo tall self
kiana658 kiana658 Aug 12
My best friend is a guy and sooo cute and hot he has a 6 pack and everything and is 6"4 very muscular but too bad he's gay and has a boyfriend lol