Demigods go to Hogwarts(Percy Jackson Fanfic)( Harry Potter Fanfic)[on hold]

Demigods go to Hogwarts(Percy Jackson Fanfic)( Harry Potter Fanfic)[on hold]

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Bookie By misscambil Updated May 24, 2016

Join the seven, Thalia, Nico and the Stolls on their quest to save the Wizarding world. They must beware of moldy warts and the Thantoes Eaters... Wait not sorry Voldemort and death eaters and Percy *crack, slosh, burn* Weasley!! Gods calm your self!!!
Will the 11 demigods join the Wizards or leave them to die...

This book takes place after the defeat of Gaea but in Harry Potters 4th year

I own none of these characters or tasks but I do own some of the plot. The characters belong to JK Rowling and Rick Riordain

All of Aphrodites love: Cam (just Cam got it? Say anything else and I'll send your OPT and ships to Tarturus and leave them there!!!) daughter of Neptune ( I like Greek better) and descendant of all three houses of Hogwarts!(not Slytherin)


This story is on hold until I conquer this writers block

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GiseleOh GiseleOh Sep 01, 2017
                              Sorry, I'm just this English freak.I apologise!
BunnyStories519 BunnyStories519 Nov 26, 2017
Percy, you forgot one thing,  the dead who ship Percabeth would come back to life and join the mob.
SlytherHermesHunter SlytherHermesHunter Oct 18, 2017
I first saw myself as a daughter of poseidon but then I thought; Waiiiiit brown hair, blue eyes, freckles, mischievous and a very good lair. Yup, my dad is Hermes, I also have ADD/ADHD but no dyslexia.
SlytherHermesHunter SlytherHermesHunter Oct 18, 2017
Yes, and that must suck for you (sorry for my language) cuz now you're gonna grow old alone, always, loving, the, same, girl.
Dam_Snackbar_666 Dam_Snackbar_666 Aug 14, 2016
Love the profecy but 😂😂😂 Ron is just ' the friend' lol! I guess I can see why he never really did anything except eat😂😂😂
ohschist ohschist Jun 04, 2015
Good job, thanks for voting. I will keep reading your book as soon as possible.