Shelter Me From Myself (Percico AU)

Shelter Me From Myself (Percico AU)

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Percyjacksonislife By Percyjacksonislife Updated Dec 25, 2016

Percico fan fiction, PercyxNico 

"Make it stop, Percy please, make it stop. I-I can't even think straight anymore. Please, I'm begging you, just shelter me from myself." Nico cried, his shoulders shook violently as he let out his heart-shattering sobs. 

"Shh, p-please don't cry Nico. Nico I'm trying, I will still try. I just want you to be okay. I promise I will help you. Just please baby, don't cry." Percy didn't want to touch the fragile boy yet, not sure whether or not that was allowed. Not being able to touch him wasn't going to stop him from helping Nico though. Nothing was going to stop him.

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little2BIG little2BIG Mar 16
Ha! As long as you don;t kill my son. Gurl this is the Ghost King.
Phanseyelash123 Phanseyelash123 May 29, 2017
Please dont hate me but aren't they green. It's a simple mistake, please don't hate me
Phanseyelash123 Phanseyelash123 May 29, 2017
Ok. So this is really weird. I don't ship Perico (did I get it right??) but this seems really intriguing
_PJF4E_ _PJF4E_ May 13, 2015
Thanx for the dedication!!! And you're welcome about the cover! I was happy to make the cover for you.