Under Your Clothes (Frerard) [Completed!]

Under Your Clothes (Frerard) [Completed!]

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kya / blue By agender Completed

Gee Way is the hottest girl at Belleville University, but she hides a secret... Or should I say he?

Frank Iero is just another heterosexual boy longing after Gee, but it turns out Gee liked him back all along. Their relationship starts like any other: dates, kisses, glances... Will nothing come in between their relationship? Even a dick?
That sounds awfully wrong.


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Honestly when I come out to my parents, it's not going to be a coming out. I was never 'straight' and you don't see straight people coming out. Unless I actually see a straight person come out as straight then I really don't see why I need to announce my gayness. They will get it eventually
Frank- omg you have a dick
                              Gerard- pssh no, its my, uh, magic wand...
                              Frank- *shrugs* fair enough
Is it just me, but I feel like it's easier for guys to cross dress. Everyone just assumed your a little tomboy as a girl and it's harder to make your face look masculine
I’m planing on looking into gender identities and sexualities more because I don’t know enough about them and I think it would be good to learn so I actually understand it a bit more and can be lil more educated.