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Fearless_Anime By Fearless_Anime Updated Aug 19, 2015

(Thrid Person)

One week of summer left before high school started. Ash hated school, in reality, he hated pretty much everything. He lived alone, so he wasn't forced to go to school, but that didn't mean he would skip. 

No friends, no social life, good grades, that's what people knew. They didn't know anything about him aside from those facts. Ash was considered good looking, girls would try to flirt with him, or just be friendly with him, but he would ignore them. He was used to not having friends, he was used to be alone, he knew he deserved it, he needed to punish himself. Life wasn't what you would consider normal, people worried about him, the only person Ash knew he couldn't push away no matter what, was his cousin Garry. 

Garry was the opposite of Ash, he was popular, very social, but his grades weren't the best, they were horrible to say the least. Garry was also considered handsome, and finding a girlfriend wasn't hard for him at all, in fact, he was known for dating a girl...

ashketcham150 ashketcham150 Jan 24, 2017
IS he talking about Serena if so I think she's going to come back to life.
anonymity13579 anonymity13579 Aug 01, 2015
I think you forgot something. Maybe a price for the flowers. This was a great start to what I think will be another great story
XXmetalrocksXX XXmetalrocksXX Jul 31, 2015
Oh god, this isn't going to turn out like anohana right? O.o
Serenalover21 Serenalover21 Jul 27, 2015
Ohh my god loving this story already can't wait for the next update
That1GuyThatDoesStuf That1GuyThatDoesStuf Jul 26, 2015
I wanted to do that when my girlfriend dumped me but it wasn't worth it :/
ArticWolf0049 ArticWolf0049 Jul 25, 2015
I can't wait for next chapter! This sounds like it's going to be a great book but, all your books are great.