I'm the girl that Belongs to Roman Godfrey

I'm the girl that Belongs to Roman Godfrey

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Bonniebird By bonniebird Updated Dec 14, 2015

"Tell me you love Roman." He said coldly gently caressing her face in his hand as he closed in.
"I love Roman." She answered roboticly but it was enough for the Upire.
"See, now I'm not mad any more." He muttered as he brushed his lips gently against hers.
He saw her. That's how he remembers it starting, his obsession with the girl. Olivia was talking to him as she pulled away from school and he saw her. That's why he wont let her leave. That's why she stays locked in the house, why Peter can't come near her. 

Because she belong's to him, she always has. Since the day they met. At least that's what Roman tells himself while he compulses her each night so that she'll stay with him.

Roman Godfrey X OC

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  • control
  • fear
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  • obsession
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sscreams-intenally sscreams-intenally Oct 02, 2017
If this is going where I think it is well then shits about to go down
FallonLedger FallonLedger Sep 27, 2017
This is so weird Roman doesn't want after women like that women want over him this is such a strange experience my mind is shook
FallonLedger FallonLedger Sep 27, 2017
just a bit of advice/constructive criticism, try to use proper grammar and use periods and commas, there are to many run on sentences and it confuses the readers.
Wolfy-Queen Wolfy-Queen Sep 18, 2017
I don't know why but the image of Olivia 'attempting to wretsle' Roman makes me laugh. A lot 😂😂