The Worst Torture

The Worst Torture

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Hakageyami By BluePheonixX Updated Jan 31

1) Team Natsu was going to a mission. Suddenly,a group of dark mages from the Dark Guild ambush them. The Dark Guild mages decided to captured Natsu. What does the Dark Guild wanted to accomplished from Natsu?

2) Natsu is injured and was being healed in the Fairy Tail Guild's infirmary. Something unexpected happened after that. What is the secret that Natsu is hiding?

3) A famous singer, a mystery singer, which everyone in Magnolia or around the world  not knows about him nor saw his face but was given the name 'Ghost'. Who is this famous singer?

4) Natsu was being stalked by someone. Which he doesn't know who? When Natsu rides the train to go to his job destination, he felt someone was watching him. Happy is not with him, he went for a solo job. What is this stalker trying to do to Natsu and who is this stalker?

Read the story and see for yourself,will update every Saturday and Sunday because I only get to play my phone on that day.

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NarutoxHinata69 NarutoxHinata69 Mar 22, 2016
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