c'mon let me ride [larry stylinson] ✔️

c'mon let me ride [larry stylinson] ✔️

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❝i know that you watch me from your little window whenever i'm riding, princess. so you coming or not?❞


the styles' and tomlinson's have been in a fued for a few years now and are intent on hating each other. the only person who seems to care less harry, and maybe that's what makes prissy louis attracted. 

♡ (bottom!louis) ♡

He's my Only Angel
                              If Niall Liam Louis and Zayn don't count that is
baby don't care and eat all the food because happiness is more important
I was scared of potato's for about a year because my cousin threw one at me and it was just scary and it felt freaky 
                              But now I am one so it's all good
Bitch if he's a potato in the ugliest person on the face of the earth
I've never understood what to friendly or too nice I mean too friendly can mean like crazy stalker trying to hide it crush but to nice still you can't be too nice
The dick thing was funny but knee touches has Sheeran never heard of the law of not being in a sexual relationship with a minor