The Amazing World Of Gumball X Reader

The Amazing World Of Gumball X Reader

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Wolves By cutekittywolf12 Updated Jul 02, 2015

PS. Your a purple wolf 

You were in your moms car, leaning against the window, everything was about to change, you were moving and there was nothing you could do, why? Well your parents are the two people who created the best games and game console but hey shit happens you simply shrugg and look towards your parents.
"Hey mom, dad where are we moving to?" You ask confused

"We're moving to a sweet little town called Elmore sweetheart," Your dad says to you

You look out of the window again and see that you were driving into a driveway and as soon as the car stops you instantly get out and look to your neighbors who where now making their way over, you looked at them and notified what they looked like, their was a very pretty blue cat who you presumed to be the mum and then the fat pink bunnie which you knew to be the father and then their was a cute pink girl bunnie and another blue cat but a boy and he looked around your age and an orange fish who was a boy and also looked around you...

- - Jan 02
Okay, well rude much. Just introduce tourselves and leave! XD
wonderland_art wonderland_art Dec 16, 2017
I wanna be a turtle because i like turtales(jk i loves bunnys)
- - Jan 02
Yay! My favorite color is purple and one of my favorite animals is a wolf! Thanks Author~Chan
Mint_The_Fallen_Huma Mint_The_Fallen_Huma Jun 09, 2017
what if I dont like ppl who rub things are going through a 682 the corner. I have nii have to be in a few
Arailia Arailia Feb 27, 2017
                              T R I G G E R E D.
I’m in me mums car! Bvroom Bvroom *weird hand movements*
                              Get out me car!