(Discontinued) A Beauty And A Beast

(Discontinued) A Beauty And A Beast

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Prince Of My Own Wonderland By PrinceIvy Updated Oct 16, 2015

Once upon a time, in a land beyond imagination, comes the tale of Ever After High. A High School for the next generation of fairytales. Where spellbinding students are destined to follow in the significant footsteps of their fairytale parents. 

A new chapter is about to begin at Ever After High, and all the students are preparing for the Athletik Storybook Tournament. The biggest sports event of the year, where students show their sportsmanship to honor their stories. One of them is Cerise Hood, daughter of Little Red Riding Hood, who is all in for the 30 Fairytale Miles Run, but an unhexpected 'page turning' will change her life...

Characters (c)2015 Mattel. All Rights Reserved.

Wings_of_Books Wings_of_Books Feb 20, 2016
This is the first darise book I read and loved! It's perfect. Such good imagery!
- - Jul 12, 2015
OMG, you're such a great author(and artist)! (And I never thought I'd ever say or type "OMG"x3)
dizziefan dizziefan Jun 29, 2015
What a lovely story! But I ship dizzie, so it would annoy me to read it all the way through! ☺
21smolbeans 21smolbeans May 10, 2015
You are just perfect you can write draw and are just amazing
Ever_After_Fanwriter Ever_After_Fanwriter May 09, 2015
                              Beautiful :3 so beautiful, besides a large and incredibly talented artist you are also an excellent writer
tokyotail tokyotail May 04, 2015
Omg how amazing UR writing is fab!!! Can't wait to read more oh wait there's another chapter