Spectrum (Frerard, Petekey)

Spectrum (Frerard, Petekey)

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The adventures of 'pretty boy' and 'dyke'. The story of the boy with the boobs who can pack a serious punch, and the girl with a dick and her all mighty powerful butt, and just how the two happen to meet and perhaps happen to fall for one another.

And the two's battles against dysphoria, the foes of the judgemental gaze of the outside world, and sometimes themselves, sometimes even each other, but in the end, they both know from that very first moment, the first eye contact: it's the two of them against the motherfucking world.

(Trans AU, FTM Frank & MTF Gerard)

i haven't came out to my mom yet but she :))) always makes me wear dresses and stuff i hate it so much
tomdeshit tomdeshit Nov 22
just bc you're trans doesn't mean you can call other people faggots in a deliberately offensive manner...like it's still hurtful either way
-Phantasy- -Phantasy- a day ago
Okay but seriously every girl at my school thinks bisexuality is a trend?(I'm pansexual though not bi) and every boy can just except a girl for being bi at my school but when a guy at my school acts a little feminine or even gay they're just like "you're a fag haha" like really?
dabiero dabiero 5 days ago
i have this friend and almost everything thinks we're dating,,
I hate my school almost all the girls on the bus one time was singing Christian music and my friends and I were in the back yelling "I write Sins,Not Tragedies."
i had shin splints and i went to my nurse to see if we could have me not....have shin splints (???) and they said to sit down for 15 minutes and then go back to class -_-