Electric Keys

Electric Keys

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It's the year 784, the year that Natsu and his team go back in time because of a book. After Erza and Lucy split up, Lucy goes to the guild and runs into none other than the famous Laxus Dreyar. They talked for a bit and ever since that day Laxus has always liked that mysterious girl in a bunny costume. When Laxus saw Lucy join the guild, she reminded him so much of that girl back then and has always liked Lucy.

Laxus swore that one day he would make Lucy his.


  • fairytail
  • lalu
  • laxus
  • laxusxlucy
  • lucy
  • romance
VirtuallyWeeb VirtuallyWeeb Jun 19, 2017
*Laxus is looking at team Natsu from behind a pole*
                              Juvia: YOUR STALKING GRAY SAMA AHHHHHHHHHH
                              Laxus: I'm stalking someone else. Here you can have him.
                              *Laxus snapps and Gray is paralyzed and with Juvia. Julia had hearts in her eyes"
adenm0 adenm0 Nov 16, 2017
laxus iam not a stalker
                              me yes you are and let me see my natsu 
                              me laxus and juvia stalk them
                              erza iam so alone .
VirtuallyWeeb VirtuallyWeeb Jun 19, 2017
This is why you have such a wide fandom. 1: you ship 2: you belevive in Lucy
VirtuallyWeeb VirtuallyWeeb Jun 19, 2017
Laxus: 'I need a celestial mage'
                              Me: let me finish your sentence
                              Me pretending to be Laxus: TO LOVE
Happy_Dragneel-fish Happy_Dragneel-fish Jul 17, 2017
Laxus-I hate it when you leave but I love watching you go
                              Lucy-Um I-I Im going to go now...
Bunnygirl413 Bunnygirl413 Oct 14, 2016
But anyway Lucy is definitely one pf the strongest. I swear Lucy, you don't give yourself enough credit