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THE DELIVERER'S DESTINY - Book One in the True Destiny Chronicles

THE DELIVERER'S DESTINY - Book One in the True Destiny Chronicles

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C.P.W. By sarsar14 Completed

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    "Sometimes some must die in order for the rest of us to survive."
    The world of Desmond is far from peaceful. Ruled by a ruthless beast called the Great Dragon, the people of Desmond live in terror, fearing for their lives and the lives of their children every day. Hope is a word that isn't often used, and is rarely had. Those who hope seemingly hope in vain.
    That is, until four embittered teenagers with painful pasts are brought together to fulfill words spoken long ago: that a Deliverer would come, and that he would find the one who would save them all.
    Thrown into a fight for their very lives, the four must work together to overcome their own fears and bitterness in order to complete the mission that they have been given. But the Great Dragon knows that they're coming.
    And, as we all know, dragons love playing with their food.
    © Copyright sarsar14. All rights reserved.
    "A glorious transition between two very different worlds, giving room for characters to grow, learn, and love. Certainly a very enjoyable and enticing look into the world of fantasy!" - @LaurenLuu
    "Makes me wonder why it isn't sitting published on the display case of a bookstore. An amazing book." - @NateJames3
    "One of the best fantasy series I have ever read. It is the kind of read that keeps you on your toes and is a definite page turner. Couldn't stop reading. Amazing book, worth the read." - @eliannas
"The Deliverer's Destiny is a fantastic book filled with wonder, adventure, and interesting twists that'll keep you on the edge of your seat. By the time you're finished reading it you're left with a sense of satisfaction... Truly a series for the ages!" - @cyborgladiator

womanofthewoods womanofthewoods Feb 09, 2016
He's leaving his child with man, so the child can grow to save man. Come to find out it actually happened a few centuries back.
Ranger_of_the_North Ranger_of_the_North Dec 08, 2016
Oo I love it already!! I'm so pumped for this cx
                              The imagery you use is amazing! I can envision the scenes you 'paint' perfectly c:
                              Eeeeeeeee a baby!!
A_C_Douglas A_C_Douglas Mar 03, 2016
                              You have such a unique and amazing way with words! <3 I'm in love! ;D
FelixRyker FelixRyker Feb 12, 2016
Please read my story if you like dark fiction. It's called 'The Boy With Red Eyes'. It's perfectly fine if you don't want to. But please at least check out the blurb. This goes to the ones who are reading the comments. Not the author.
FireOfTheDragons FireOfTheDragons Apr 22, 2016
Damn, thought this was gonna be a mediocre dragon book, that would take me a few chapters to get into.....I was wrong had me hooked after the 1st paragraph.
MercenaryLife MercenaryLife Feb 21, 2016
Trailer was absolutely amazing!!! 
                              "I am fire.
                                I am death!"