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The Missing Marauder: A Harry Potter FanFiction

The Missing Marauder: A Harry Potter FanFiction

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Madi Beth By padfoot13 Completed

Sirius Black told Harry that there were four Marauders. He told Harry that his best friends in school were James, Remus and Peter. He told Harry that there were three unregistered Animagi at the time he was at Hogwarts.
He lied. 
There was another, only one other, who Sirius never mentioned. Perhaps because they had a falling out... perhaps because something happened to her. Rowan Mulciber is the missing Marauder, and this is her story.

Okay but honestly though, I'd be a know-it-all too if I were going to a magic school
I read "Sirius groaned and banged against the wall." Had to reread that for a second
                              REMUS IS MUCH BETTER THAN YOU
                              NEVER DOUBT HIM
Nope, I'm such a procrastinator! Procrastination is the major trait I have
wiizards wiizards Jan 26
is it bad that I feel bad for him. I mean I hate him... a lot. but I can't help but feel bad.
She Leaned in and then Sirius pushed their faces together 😂