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The Rhythm of the Rain

The Rhythm of the Rain

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Grey By DefendTheUndefended Completed

The Midnight Series: Book One

 A Naruto Fan Fiction.

Naruto brings back Sasuke only to be scorned, yelled at, and punched. Naruto had enough and leaves Konoha village. 

Years pass and a stranger appears at the gates of the village wanting to see the Hokage. This stranger has an odd request to ask of her and the certain people of the village. 

Who is this stranger? What is the request? How is he so strong? AND WHY WOULD SOMEONE LIKE THIS HAVE KIDS TRAVELING WITH HIM!!!!??


Okay I suck at summaries! The book is way better than the summary! Don't miss out because of my sucky summary!! I promise this will be enjoyable!

Aisen_Seeker Aisen_Seeker 18 hours ago
On days like these...
                              Banshees like you...
                              S H O U L D  B E  B U R N I N G  I N  H E L L !
                              [If you know where its from you're awesome!]
MJPP2001 MJPP2001 a day ago
Jiraiya and Ichirakus, how can you make a naruto fanfic without knowing those two. (ಠ_ಠ)
Neko-Nini Neko-Nini Apr 16
You use' the at the end " which one is it. THOUGHT??!?! SPEAK?!?!?!? NOTE?!?!?!
Iko_Fushiko Iko_Fushiko Apr 08
MY LINE I SAY THAT ☹️ not to naruto people on irl as a joke XD
I almost wanted to kiss Ino when she said "SAKURA YOU B****".
And that's when Sakura knew
                              She f*cked up