Run Away Royalty [Levi X Reader]

Run Away Royalty [Levi X Reader]

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BerryLuv03 By BerryLuv03 Updated Dec 11, 2016

You lived in wall Sina all your life, depressed, lonely, and you felt more of a prisoner than a princess. Your father, the king, never allowed you to leave wall Sina because he said it's too dangerous beyond wall Sina. To you the walls were nothing more than cages, keeping birds from flying and soaring in the sky.

You were the same as any other human being who lives within the cage. Humans live in fear of the titans. Humans cower behind the walls thinking the Gods will help them. Naive, is what I call those fools.

In this world prayers wont help you nor will it keep the savage beasts called 'titans' from eating you up. People think they will be safe inside this cage. Some humans actually fight for freedom. They are known as 'The Scouting Legion'

They bear the crest of the 'wings of freedom' you wanted to fight with them for humanity's freedom and the defeat of titans. Will you be able to join the fight and die in honor? or will you die as food? read and find out!

warning: contains LEMON, fluff, supernatural and sexual tension. Prepare your ovaries.

AquariusChocolatee AquariusChocolatee Dec 28, 2016
Sh!t my name is Jasmine so they're probably gonna call me Princess Jasmine (not that I hate the Disney princess Jasmine) cri
levi2ackerman levi2ackerman Dec 21, 2016
As for I know they did not have peppermint tea what they had was earl grey and peach
Thatonerandomfan Thatonerandomfan Dec 29, 2016
Woah, Woah, Woah, wait.
                              Levi said this line before, right? 
                              I feel so badass right now. 😂
Supahumbeon Supahumbeon Dec 01, 2016
When people say Levi Rivaille they're really just saying Levi Levi because in Japan (I believe) Rivaille is pronounced 'Levi'.
It did say at the begging his age will be a little different😂😂😂