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Betray in Love ▸ Stiles Stilinksi

Betray in Love ▸ Stiles Stilinksi

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simone By kimstaehyungs Updated Oct 01, 2016

❝You're just a psychopathic bitch with no goddamn feelings.❞

Mara Alvar is the epitome of a perfect killer; she is ruthless, smart, and manipulative. But despite her outstanding fighting skills, her father, Deucalion, and his Alpha Pack keeps the young girl concealed from the supernatural world, afraid of the consequences of having a human in a pack of werewolves. 

Being a human isn't all bad, though. Mara often gets tasks which only humans can accomplish. And as Mara and the Alpha Pack visits Beacon Hills, she gets a new mission: assume the identity of the new girl and pretend to fall in love with the potential True Alpha's best friend, Stiles Stilinski. She has to use him to get every and any detail about Scott McCall and his pack, in order to give the Alpha Pack an advantage in the game of power.

But Mara and the Alpha Pack aren't the only danger that has entered Beacon Hills. People from Mara's past ─ some of which Mara wished had stayed in the past ─ are brought back in her life, threatening her cover. 

What begins with a simple task, turns into a fight for survival.


voidherondale voidherondale Dec 20, 2015
This came on the radio and naturally I started singing really loud. . . My mom almost screamed