To Infinity... And Beyond [Sequel to ILYONA]

To Infinity... And Beyond [Sequel to ILYONA]

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Alice Fawley By gred_forge4ev4 Updated Dec 30, 2016

Harry and Ginny are married. Ron and Hermione are back together, and a whole load of surprises are along the road for both couples.

Secrets are spilt, people turn into parents, and a whole lot of trouble is stirred up. 

I own no one and nothing but the story line. If I owned the characters/places, I'd be a millionaire writing a fan-fiction-that-isn't-made-by-a-fan.

cecilberry cecilberry Feb 17, 2016
Yes thats  why the dddddds, amazing first chapter 2  nd book. I onto readin more.
goldenhallows goldenhallows Oct 02, 2016
Holy crap ive never bloody realised that. Harry's poor yoing soul must've been tortured after SEEING things😂😂
HarryPotterKilljoy HarryPotterKilljoy Aug 23, 2016
Wait, he was actually training elephants to do ballet? Really Ron? Really? XD
Panda_Saviour Panda_Saviour Sep 25, 2016
When me and my friend read the bit about makeup sex we were waiting for it to be the first scene
Zaynsgirl96 Zaynsgirl96 Nov 24, 2015
EmeraldDS EmeraldDS Aug 18, 2015
This is awesome! How did Ron get everyone? I mean - don't murder me please - but some of them are DEAD now. Or are only some people there? It just seems weird that everyone would agree to go there just for a Romione engagement (sort of).