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Psychology Interests - Tests {ON HOLD}

Psychology Interests - Tests {ON HOLD}

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Rahnuma Apshara By In_luv_wid_BOOKS Updated an hour ago

Some amazing walk through test... which says about your personality
Some of these are proven ..
you just have to think ...
to everyone who likes these types of tests

Enjoy! ^-^

Pink shorts, white shirt ._. Ev
                              en though I've never worn that outfit before
staetistic staetistic Jan 31
It made from glass mostly,normal high for a house yet big and beautiful
Warm yellow walls, lit up softly by a mini candle-chandelier-thingy. There's a fire place and dark tea table.
falien falien 8 hours ago
I will pass the forest by looking straight and wont looking at my surrounding
Get random pickaxes and dig into the wall with them to help me climb it.
falien falien 8 hours ago
Looks like old village house and it made of woods ant its tall is like a one storey house