Luna Queen

Luna Queen

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Victoria Leslie Khan By Niaralle Completed

I hadn't always dreamed of a man to sweep me off my feet and propose underneath the twinkling moonlit stars.

Yet, I hadn't ever dreamed of a god in form of a man to knock me off my feet and practically reject me, a few days after being accused and punished for causing my parents' brutal murder.

But, I had always expected one thing.

A man, a god, a being of an extraterrestrial manner incorrigible to the mere mortals scattered around this wicked world we call ours.

I had expected him.

He is the King of all Alphas. The one who rules above all forms of authority.

His snarl alone was enough to send a grown man to his feet, his eyes alone enough to twist anyone into fear of no other experienced before.

He was a monster.

I, his mate.

He was heartless.

But, so was I.


© Luna Queen (2015)
Victoria Leslie Khan

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readergurls101 readergurls101 Oct 09, 2017
"Hey grandma can I read this book it said to ask parental guidance"
                              "What's the name of it"
                              "Luna Queen"
                              "It doesn't sound like a porno so go ahead"
Amazingly_Amazing15 Amazingly_Amazing15 Sep 25, 2017
Btw I💗💗💗the description it was the perfect combo of badass and amazing
MonsterGirlPony MonsterGirlPony Nov 28, 2017
U know I should but I have only moved to get gold fish and the book should have told me befor I payed back down soooo nah
dietrogolia dietrogolia Dec 29, 2017
Like I would ever listen... Wattpad has already corrupted my mind. I’m ready fo dis.
morganp4 morganp4 Oct 10, 2017
Ooooo Damn. When you realize how good this book already is..
RoyalJJ12 RoyalJJ12 Sep 15, 2017
Yayyyyyy!!!! I have nothing against the "he was heartless" and then " I will break him, make him smile again and poop babies" but this is soo much better