Luna Queen

Luna Queen

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Victoria Leslie Khan By Niaralle Completed

I hadn't always dreamed of a man to sweep me off my feet and propose underneath the twinkling moonlit stars.

Yet, I hadn't ever dreamed of a god in form of a man to knock me off my feet and practically reject me, a few days after being accused and punished for causing my parents' brutal murder.

But, I had always expected one thing.

A man, a god, a being of an extraterrestrial manner incorrigible to the mere mortals scattered around this wicked world we call ours.

I had expected him.

He is the King of all Alphas. The one who rules above all forms of authority.

His snarl alone was enough to send a grown man to his feet, his eyes alone enough to twist anyone into fear of no other experienced before.

He was a monster.

I, his mate.

He was heartless.

But, so was I.


© Luna Queen (2015)
Victoria Leslie Khan

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Feel like I’m finna watch a dang movie up in here. 😂
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Man, copy this story if you want to. She will get your ass 👏👏👏👏👏
I know youre supposed to say that but... how are parents supposed to guide.. its a book? 😅
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Hmmm im reading smut and my mom is asleep beside me so since she's with me rn I guess that coumts
This line was the main reason I started this book and I have a feeling I'm going to love it