Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

Hetalia Boyfriend Scenarios

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W/ヘタ(Heta) By hetaliansunite Updated Mar 20, 2017

The characters: Italy,Germany,Japan,America,England,France,Russia,China,Canada(Go canada :D),and Spain
•Soon more characters will be added
•Random stuff
Please also read my other stories!and if you want to request a character,just comment!



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hajinjungkim hajinjungkim Jul 28, 2017
*takes off earrings* *pulls out a machete and a Mini gun*. FITE ME M8
shadow_girl190 shadow_girl190 May 15, 2017
Dang smooth you go to a girl and make up an excuse to secretly put you number in her pocket
_D0llFace_ _D0llFace_ May 04, 2017
I hate to be this person, but you need spaces in between a period and the next sentence
I would do that too but it would be something like this:
                              (My Number) 
                              'The gay Australian Women'
Witch_Lieselotte Witch_Lieselotte Jan 08, 2017
Entering Juliette Farars mode. 
                              Warning: Entering Juliette Farars mode.
Nyx_1773 Nyx_1773 Sep 18, 2016
........If its clothes im wearing that day, im wearing those types of jeans that the front pocket is fake, but the back isnt. Soooo.....ITALY. HANDS AWAY FROM THE BUTT DX