Enslaved Is His Heart (The Enchanted World Book 5)

Enslaved Is His Heart (The Enchanted World Book 5)

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Read first: 1. Possessed By Lord Mage, 2. Tempting The Dark King, 3. The Dragon's Keeper, 4. Moon Child's War.~~~~The last place Jax wants to be in is the Realm of Water but he involuntarily volunteers when Queen Oriel sends a request for aid to the Lord Mage. Neither him nor anyone else is happy to see him there. 

With only one aim in mind, Jax sets to work surprising everyone by bring down the first rebel camp in just days. Upon bringing down the second, spoils of the rebels are brought forward in form of sex slaves. Jax is not interested until the one female everyone calls The Sea Witch is almost killed right under his nose and declares her under his protection.

Nia's world is brought into bloodshed when rebels ambush and attack her village and round up her and other females to serve them as sex slaves. By the time she is rescued she has high contempt for the male species because even her rescuers are lusting after her. So when Commander Jax swears to protect her and the fact that she believes he is homosexual she readily accepts. Hope for escape and for a normal life blooms in Nia when she realizes that Jax means to keep her safe...but why does she feel like she wants him to enslave both her body and heart?

  • dragon
  • fantasy
  • mage
  • mermaid
  • ocean
  • shifters
  • siren
  • slave
misssmileyShine misssmileyShine Apr 24, 2016
Okkkk i'm so excited  starting this next book in the Enchanted world series.... Even before reading i know i'm to looooove it. Your work is just like that !
NikFranklin-Hentsche NikFranklin-Hentsche Dec 17, 2015
Ugh...have read all the others..now I have to wait. Patience is not my strong point.
SadiixxK SadiixxK Aug 11, 2015
I'm so damn hooked already. God, I love your books. Have you published them yet? I would love to buy them.
SadiixxK SadiixxK Aug 11, 2015
So what? She is a sea witch, it's cool.
                              Btw what's her powers? To see future or something?
SadiixxK SadiixxK Aug 11, 2015
Omg, she sees the future. 
                              And this is the part where a entire clan is wiped out as the prophecy says to wake Aaron. Oh god...
SadiixxK SadiixxK Aug 11, 2015
You guys should listen to her. Every girl in these enchanted stories have powers, amazing powers.