Always and Forever (A Harmione fiction)

Always and Forever (A Harmione fiction)

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Harry has always loved Hermione. In their last year of Hogwarts, this is Harry's last chance to tell her how he feels. With the end of school rapidly approaching, will Hermione ever realise how much she means to Harry before she leaves to visit Beauxbatons? And will Hermione reciprocate those feelings towards Harry? Who knows, maybe with the help of a Fangirling professor and a weird almost cult-like fan club something will change? 

Find out in Always and Forever.....


Cover Credit- @hermione--granger

Copyright disclaimer- I do not own any characters from Harry Potter (sadly) and the Hogwarts world belongs to J.K Rowling ( for now until I can buy it off her)

I like this McGonagall better 😂😂 imma order three T shirts – one for wear, one for admiring, and one for lending out 😂👌💕
By far the most sensible thing she's ever said, ever. Gotta love the fandom ship 😂😂
Alright, where the hell is Sans? Did he taint hermione with his puns?
Who's Malfoy banging on the desk? Me? I'm cool with that 😏
XD I fell off my bed again and this time my mom came up and asked if i needed an ice pack XD
stacyu stacyu Aug 02
That because Parvati and Padma know they secretly have a thing for each other #deamus