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You Are My Addiction - #3 [18+ UNEDITED]

You Are My Addiction - #3 [18+ UNEDITED]

384K Reads 10.3K Votes 29 Part Story
Cynthia Rayne By TheSinnersChurch Completed

Read at your own risk...
  "I can't not worry when it comes to you." Aaron admitted.
  "Well then...I guess I'll just have to distract you." His eyes widened and I pressed my lips against his delectable jaw. "With...other activities..." I whispered breathlessly whilst running my hand down his abdomen to his zipper. "Would...that help you to not worry Mr Quinn?" Groaning he hissed out several curse words. Slipping my hand into his boxers I moaned. 
  "I take that as a yes..." Smiling against the corner of his mouth, as his throbbing manhood hardened under my fingers.
  "Fuck..." He growled, clenching his jaw. "You drive me crazy, Charlie." Stroking his steel length slowly, I enjoyed the near ferrel sounds my touch forced out of him. His pleasure sent an erotic tingle straight to my core, my panties dampening on instinct.
  I took his mouth in a powerful kiss tracing his lips with my tongue, searching desperately for an entrance. He moaned into my mouth as our tongues locked in a passionate embrace. Running his hands impatiently up my thighs, he dragged the hem of my chiffon dress up with the tips of his fingers...
  "Good crazy...or...bad-"
  "'re like the best, worst're my addiction..." 
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geebugee geebugee Aug 26, 2016
I just hope there is an update for book 3, I love the series
jmk100413 jmk100413 Aug 26, 2016
I completely understand. I've read the books so it wasn't hard for me to understand this third one. And though i am dying because of the long wait for the conclusion of this book/story, i do understand that u have a life outside of wattpad so take your time. I LOVE YOUR BOOKS!
ErynnHatmaker ErynnHatmaker Aug 26, 2016
This is disappointing. I thought there was an actual update and got super hyped 😂. But so glad I got to read the first two books before you took them down! I love you and this series..please try to update this one, rather than editing the others so often. It'd mean a lot.
Void_Mimi Void_Mimi Aug 26, 2016
I've already read the first two books and they are amazing so if you are a new reader I advise to wait for updates on those two because there will be a lot you miss and you won't regret it.
khawla-al khawla-al Aug 26, 2016
U r really a very good writer i really do love this book and im glad i did read the first 2 books all the best ;)
ErynnHatmaker ErynnHatmaker Aug 26, 2016
But I do understand you have a life outside of your stories..but really, it would mean a lot. I'm dying to keep reading this. It's still my #1 of all the series I've read here on watt pad. Shame  it's unfinished, the suspense is real. But again, we understand 100%