Black Ice (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh fanfic)

Black Ice (Kissed By The Baddest Bidder: Soryu Oh fanfic)

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They grew up together, found each other again in their boarding school in England, but the next encounter is the worst "first" impression since their teen years.

Reina Valdez, daughter of the boss of a powerful gang in Los Angeles California, the Black Crowns,  encounters her childhood best friend, the legendary Soryu Oh; second-in-command of the Ice Dragons, a powerful mafia organization from Hong Kong. Even more powerful than the Black Crowns. 

Finding out the truth about her family after twenty-three years, she has questions and wants answers. Reina is assigned on a mission to once again get close to her childhood best friend, but only to answer her questions and to clear out the drama between the two gangs. What Reina didn't see coming, however, is Soryu Oh, the man she has been looking for, will have her falling one step behind at her own game.

A childhood romance? 
Not exactly when you grew up with guns, knives and blood. 

(KBTBB characters and original story created by Voltage Inc. IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH VOLTAGE.  
This is just a fanfic. interracial and triggering scenes.) (old user: @threespades)

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"Parallel lunes have so much in common. It's a shame they'll never meet" there.
KBTBBTrash KBTBBTrash Feb 18
Literally me every time a family member I don't remember on know hugs me/ introduces them self. 😂
LilyWzy14 LilyWzy14 Jul 05, 2015
O.O this  story is so good so far! Imma read more and stay till twelve to do dat