The Choosing (On Hold)

The Choosing (On Hold)

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TheDaddyWeekly By TheDaddyWeekly Updated Oct 22, 2015

*mature content* 

Humans and werewolves come together during the choosing. 

Choosing rules: 
1) Sit patiently.
2)When your name is called step forward, onto the mating circle.
3) Your mate will be chosen


This is a werewolves story. (It's not your typical kind of werewolf story)

To add on, this book has been on hold for a while and will remain on hold until I find motivation to continue this story. I apologize x.

IMPORTANT: There will be graphical parts;), but don't fear I will warn you if it comes.

Cover by qtdxll

uhitzbree uhitzbree Mar 08, 2016
Did we really need to know the milk percentage? Seems like unnecessary info.
EmbraceTheCrazy EmbraceTheCrazy Feb 21, 2016
I like this author's note. Just the way u stated things sounds kinda like me but with less cussing😂
zrice123 zrice123 Dec 16, 2015
This sentence describes my life when I get to a really good part in a fanfic...or smut
KrystalMelody KrystalMelody Nov 15, 2015
I like the concept of this story, I find it interesting! And the character.. Don't even get me started XD. Can someone please hand me holy water, my mind needs a jug of it
EllisV EllisV Nov 14, 2015
Lately I've been reading your books and I LUV them! You're so honest and I can't think of anyone else who can show so much emotions in one chapter and explain them in such a way as you!
never_nightly never_nightly Nov 06, 2015
what if ;
                              what if you were getting your picked and right as your mate was picked another stood up and claimed to be your mate?