The gods way (Thor/the avengers fanfic)

The gods way (Thor/the avengers fanfic)

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Rachel Paige By RachelBowles3 Updated Oct 14

Aphrodite Aleas is the princess of the planet chaos. Chaos is a planet that is rich and full of dragons, all the dragons there are good. Chaos is the only planet with dragons on it.

Aphrodite is best friends with Thor from Asgard. They always meet up and talk, there parents are also good friends. Thor and Aphrodite are said to marry when they grow up but stuff gets complicated. 

What will happen when Aphrodite's world blows up and everyone dies except for her. will she meet some new friends with special powers just like her?


........Adult themes.......

  • avenger
  • avengers
  • blackwidow
  • captainamerica
  • earthsmightyestheros
  • fantasy
  • forcedmarriage
  • gods
  • hawkeye
  • hulk
  • ironman
  • love
  • planets
  • powers
  • romance
  • supernatural
  • thor
Bambi2167 Bambi2167 Mar 29
Oh, hun, no one owns anyone. No matter how hot Thor is you are not a bloody property
AzariaMoonBlack AzariaMoonBlack Jul 18, 2017
When you make it sound like that it seems wrong in a sence. Not to be rude but why explain it that way?
lys324 lys324 Jul 03
At first I thought she was talking about Peeta and I was like ‘what?’ Lol
Well guys that's how it was in the time frame Asgard seems like it's in