Rejected By My Best Friend [Book One]

Rejected By My Best Friend [Book One]

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Reneé ❤️ By Renmyidol Updated Nov 23, 2016

He is the soon to be alpha and I am the daughter of the Beta.
We had grown up as the best of friends, one never leaving without the other. That, of course was before Junior High School.
After 13 joyous years of friendship, he ditched me without a second glimpse for a girl he'd had only known for a mere 3 months.
To make it worse, it wasn't just any girl. It had been Violet Sawyer. The girl who lived to make my life as miserable as possible. The queen bitch of our pack. 

Senior year had finally come and it was time to meet my mate. 
The one who would cherish me and choose me above all else.
Imagine my surprise to find that my mate is the one and only Alexander Orlando West.
My former best friend and soon to be alpha.
This was supposed to be the happiest moment of my life!

Ha! But nothing is ever that simple, not for little Ol' Annabelle Cassandra River. 

Ugh. This is your typical werewolf story.


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lisaheft lisaheft Jun 21, 2016
I love stories that are as much of a surprise to the author as it is to the readers :)
- - Apr 30, 2016
lol I always read authors notes there really boring but I read them anyway! 
                              Idk why I just do.
-librocubicularist -librocubicularist Mar 26, 2016
Usually I read the first 2 sentences of a/n and give up of boredom... but good job you made an authors note interesting!!! *cue the applause*
mingyupie mingyupie Mar 05, 2016
Usually i skip the authors note but for some reason i decided tp read it hahah
PrettyLittlePsycho18 PrettyLittlePsycho18 Jan 02, 2016
I usually skip for authors notes but some reason today I decided not count me in on that 3%. yay!!
WhiteTiger8 WhiteTiger8 Dec 28, 2015
I've already read the story's latest update and then I read this