❤️Harry Potter X Reader❤️

❤️Harry Potter X Reader❤️

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Sailor Phoenix By LPS_Angel_Daschund Updated Jun 10

This is a book on short, and sometimes long, stories on the mushy gushy love stories! I hate love stories but romance is a favorite to write about, weird right? Anyways, I'll be taking suggestions, I'll be repeating there is plenty to expect from this! So make sure you read it because you don't wanna miss it!

That is sooooo romantic! And adorable!

I loved it especially when I first read it

WeAreRobin WeAreRobin Jul 17
Me in a dress,......... Nope can't imagine that one
                              Wouldn't it be cold anyway?
*hair flip*I'm meeting up with Harry,I'm meeting up with Harry.
                              BYE BITCHES
Taniya13YT Taniya13YT Sep 11
But I'm a Gryfinndor 
                              Stupid auto correct but I'm to lazy to fix it
I see a Draco Malfoy, a Ron Weasley, and a Hermione Granger spying and smirking somewhere
Toukalikes Toukalikes Jul 14
Harry:Amber please dont do this!!
                              Me:I have to harry..Im not sorry..AVADA KEDAVRA!!
                              Voldemort:So miss Garnet what would you want as your award?
                              Me:I want 10000000000 ice cream,The Elder Wand,Cloak,Stone and 10000.0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Galleons..😃
Oh Harry, you're so hot! You're like a stove, like a zesty pepper! 
                               PPP reference