Sasaki-sensei [Haise x Reader]

Sasaki-sensei [Haise x Reader]

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pineapple-pie By pineapple-pie Updated Nov 23, 2015

In this story, Sasaki Haise is a high school teacher. About his past and his affiliations with the CCG will be revealed further in the story. 

This story is intended to be Haise X Reader fanfiction. But instead of using [reader] or [y/n] or [you] etc, I use the first person point of view [I] to avoid hassles and to make the sentences flow better. Please feel free to imagine yourself as the main character / first person! Hope you enjoy the story :D 

P.S.  Some characters from Gintama and other anime/manga are also featured as special guests ;)

Cover photo is an artwork by the talented @Orenzia Thank you very much! <3

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*screams internally* Im imagining this as an irl situation rn LOL
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Are you sure??....becauseimightkidnapandrapeyou.............dont mind that^^
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I do that too, having conversations with myself in my head, like a lot
This chapter is making me laugh so hard internally since I'm in class right now.
I love how she was totally internally fangirling, it reminded me of myself, lmao