The Demigod Book of Demigodish Jokes (TDBoDJ) *UNDER EDITS*

The Demigod Book of Demigodish Jokes (TDBoDJ) *UNDER EDITS*

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the_akward_fangirl By the_akward_fangirl Completed

Welcome fellow demigods to the book of jokes about demigods, headcanons, pictures, and stuff about our favorite author... E.B. WHITE!!!

Maybe it was Rich Rioran....


i said this to my sister she didn't tremble before them though
boring_athena_kid boring_athena_kid Dec 26, 2016
For like half a second I was just sitting there like "Oh my gods WHAT?!" Then I realized what it meant and felt like an idiot. Yay!!
Dreamcatcher-girl Dreamcatcher-girl Nov 28, 2016
Lol you had me there for a minute at the beginning. Then before I read the rest I finally got it
TheWalkingJoke TheWalkingJoke Oct 12, 2016
Oh my gods just imagine that Annabeth built a little house for Percy in his guinea pig form next to Thalia's tree and left him there. And after a few years she plants a cornplant next to them and she's just like: "hey guys this is your new friend Nico have fun with him"
_Injured_Uni_Corn _Injured_Uni_Corn Dec 22, 2016
I get it. I suppose that is supposed to be funny. Im laughing on the inside dont worry.