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Fragile Heart (Joshaya Fanfic)

Fragile Heart (Joshaya Fanfic)

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hannahwritestobreath By hannahwritestobreath Completed

Maya Hart is a 14 year old girl who isn't given the best life. Her mother is always working extra shifts to be able to support them and Maya's dad? Who knows. He doesn't seem to be in the picture. The only stable thing Maya has in her life is Riley. These two are yin and yang, the moon and the sun, the sky and the ground, these polar opposites complete each other and help balance out each other's quirks and faults. Maya finds family in Riley's family. They treat her like a daughter and have her best interest at heart. Riley's 17 year old cousin is coming for a visit. Maya comes off as tough and daring, but her history and her dad has left her broken, will josh pick up the pieces or cause her to shatter more?Will Maya fall for him? What about the age gap? Will their emotions and temptations get the best of them? Will obstacles stand in the way? Maybe other boys? Girls? How will Riley feel about this? Read on to find out :)!

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Mentalfangirl_ Mentalfangirl_ Jul 28, 2016
myadoreable myadoreable Aug 11, 2016
Mya's life is similar to mine it's just I have my cousins to go to not my friends and I visit my dads on the weekends and both of our names are Mya
BelieberLoveJerryNae BelieberLoveJerryNae May 09, 2016
I know she did not just burn my future, boyfriend, husband, and future father to my kids
jaelh33 jaelh33 Jul 26, 2016
Fun Fact: There was actually casted an actor to play Riley's older brother, but something happened last minute, and became just Riley and Auggie 😀
Lucayanwerewolf Lucayanwerewolf Sep 26, 2016
I'm giving a joshaya book a shot. I'm a lucaya fan. But sense they might be endgame, I might as well try to like them.
He should take my organic chemistry and Spanish and German 2 class for me bc s h I t I'm f u c k e d