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Not So Cinderella (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

Not So Cinderella (Percy Jackson Fan Fiction)

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Bookworm By Lillana45897 Completed

I'm a princess as you can probably guess. It's not all it's cracked up to be. I'm Princess Lillian Grace Michaels of England. My parents are King Isaac and Queen Kalessa. I'm an only child as my parents were in an accident that disabled my mother of having children.

But there's one thing, I'm a demigod. Father knows I'm not his child but a daughter of Zeus, God of Sky and Thunder and is the ruler of the Olympians and Mount Olympus.

I'm 15 years old but only discovered about being a demigod when I was 14 and attacked in New York by a monster. A few demigods defeated it and Mum explained who I was. I now stay at Camp Half-Blood durning the summer and live durning the year in England.

My best friends are Percy Jackson and Will Solace. Annabeth Chase is obsessed with Percy so Percy tries to avoid her. I try to avoid her too but she's everywhere I am. It's creepy.

There is a prophecy about me. 

I'm to fall in love with a forbidden child.

When I'm one myself.

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I’d be like “ I’m note interested so don’t even try it man whore “
thaliasis thaliasis Feb 03
Excuse meh? Annie isn't obsessed with Perce, Perce is obsessed with Annie!!!!!
Jade_Kitsune Jade_Kitsune Aug 14, 2017
Hi, my name is stop messing with the ship 😈😈😈😈😈
Batman_McCall Batman_McCall Dec 31, 2017
Bruh stop being a little bitch and come down to the country and we can go mudbogging in the cow pasture
cherry_rose321 cherry_rose321 Dec 10, 2017
Hello, I like staying alone. Would u like to bother me? Goooooood... BYE
Lucida_Wingding Lucida_Wingding Jan 29, 2016
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