Behind the Jersey

Behind the Jersey

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Twiggy By KTwiggy_Love Updated Sep 07, 2015

Picture this:

1.)You are a girl who plays football
2.) Your one of the star players in the team
3.) No one except your best friend Ray knows you're a girl on the team. Not even you brother
4.) Your brother is sexist and think football is a "man sport" as do the rest of your family
5.) Your cover is blown by the superstar of the enemy team. 

Also. Did I mention he's a testosterone driven jerk?                                          
Okay, so this is a new idea for a story I have. It sounds kinda cliche, but I promise to keep it far from that... hopefully :)x.

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im_alex___ im_alex___ Oct 16, 2017
when life gives you lemons, you squeeze the life out of them and throw them in the trash - tessa o'connel, the bad boys girl
Do you have a brother that is named Percy Jackson that is a half god half mortal
KLopez32 KLopez32 Jan 11
Collin Kaepernick, Marquette King who?
                              -I know one is a QB and the other a punter but watever
AnonymousWoman101 AnonymousWoman101 Jul 20, 2017
I don't make lemonade. I squeeze them in people's eyes on 'accident' because I'm 'not' a mean person.
kinky01 kinky01 Jun 19, 2016
Some random person walked up to me once and literally said
                              "Red hair, hand me down clothes, sour expression... Must be a weasly." And walked off
Army-brat2000 Army-brat2000 Jan 16, 2017
Really? I always said, "When gives you lemons, you eat 'em because food is food."