Sci - Fi Short Stories

Sci - Fi Short Stories

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Sissa Romanova By SissaRomanova Updated May 02, 2013

Collection of Sci-Fi Shorts:

FINDING THE TRUTH: [Sci-Fi: Candlepunk] Catalina de Aragón, Infanta of Spain, grew up believing there was no truth except God's. But deep inside her heart, she has many questions. In a world where the so called heretics had a deep knowledge and technology, she could not help but to wonder how they acquired them. When she has a glimpse of what this knowledge can do, she decides to find out what is the Truth that the Moors hide.

OUR HERO: [Alternate History]  A group of German scientists are engaged in a daring project: to get the memories of a boy who died almost 70 years ago, in a Nazi concentration camp, and whose body was mysteriously kept preserved by Dr. Mengele.

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God_Is_Me246 God_Is_Me246 Jun 08, 2016
That's it tell us more its not fair to leave on a cliff hanger all the damn stories on wattpad are like that you freaks
notable_color notable_color May 12, 2015
Great story. Love the writing. My only complaint, not too science fiction more like a girl in a job as a scientist.
Dorian_Grey215 Dorian_Grey215 Mar 26, 2014
I hate when I find what seems to be a gem & I gotta run! agitates me...but I'll add it to my reading list & finish. great start, I'm captivated...
SissaRomanova SissaRomanova Jan 26, 2013
@EdwardWilkes Thank you, Edward. I thought of starting with a glimpse from the future =]
SissaRomanova SissaRomanova Jan 21, 2013
@TheOrangutan Thanks Gav! I hope this one will turn out right =] And thanks, I will correct that!
TheOrangutan TheOrangutan Jan 21, 2013
Like the premise of this one immensely, a really interesting idea Sissa. 
                              One minor blips near the end. "For everyone's delight..." change the 'For' for a 'To'.