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Grell x William x Ronald x Shinigami!reader (LEMON)

Grell x William x Ronald x Shinigami!reader (LEMON)

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가미 By hoseokmakesmeemo Completed

I was born into a shinigami family. So basically my family comes from a very long line of reapers. My name is (F/N). Just (F/N), because I don't exactly know my last name. My family that I mentioned earlier, yup they're all dead. They got stabbed multiple times by another reaper who went psycho. Doesn't matter anyway because I never got to know them. Oh yeah and my grandfather is the legendary reaper "Undertaker". I live with him because..well I have no choice. Anyways, back to the point. I have (hair length) (hair color), and the well known shinigami green orbs. I haven't been given my death scythe or reaper spectacles, because I haven't been "of age" to get them. Or so says that crazy old man, my grandfather.(in this story, you just turned 18) Undertaker finally said I can go to the reaper staffing association. 

So I'm really excited! I'm 1 step closer in learning how to reap souls! 

A/n: boring right? I know. But I just needed to introduce the story n stuff. I promised next chapte...

Attack_On_Obsessed Attack_On_Obsessed Apr 24, 2016
But this is still a good story nice descriptions I'm gonna keep reading now.
Attack_On_Obsessed Attack_On_Obsessed Apr 24, 2016
King_And_Lionheart King_And_Lionheart Nov 24, 2015
Oh well he's hot...oh god fanfic has ruined me I'm going to hell
iNyctophilia iNyctophilia Aug 08, 2015
"...another reaper that went psycho."
                              Heh. I see Grell written all over this.
ACraziiFreak ACraziiFreak Jun 29, 2015
I have long straight hazel hair :p and so soft I LOVE MY HAIR
- - May 13, 2015
The so called 'Will' 
                              just loling around my room now
                              I love this