Sold to the Alpha

Sold to the Alpha

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(Caution, this book is for mature readers. There is swearing abuse, and sexual scenes. Read if you want, I will put warns at the chapters with asexual scenes) 

Lucy winters  is a 18 year old werewolf and lived with her father key word lived. Her mother died when she was 10 and ever since than her loving father became heartbroken and took his anger out on Lucy and beat her every day until he got tired of her. Lucy's father sold her to an Alpha who was looking for his mate but never found her. Lucy never wanted her mate because she is afraid of men now thanks to her father so she planned to reject her mate when they meet. But what happens when her mate is the Alpha who bought her off her father.

Meet Derek Corvin  Alpha of the strongest and most dangerous pack in the U.S he's been looking for his mate since he turned 16 but now he is 23 and has lost hope so he goes to weaker pack's and take's them over but when he comes to Lucy's pack he meets Lucy's dad who is an old friend of his and buy's Lucy. what he doesn't think will ever could true happened he met his mate who happens to be Lucy.

he only wants one thing


( Lucy is a rare white wolf with golden eyes)

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Happytobehappy Happytobehappy Aug 04, 2017
He would know about the money since he's her mom's husband. He would definitely know
bvbshewolf bvbshewolf Mar 17, 2017
I play the guitar and I love that song but it must be really hard because it's a really fast song.
Of course, a white and powerful wolf... so original. But for real though, this is good so far. I like it.
TheLastGrammarian TheLastGrammarian Dec 18, 2016
Ooh. A abused powerful werewolf daughter sold to her mate who is the most powerful alpha in the world.. This my friends is what cliche means. Still gonna read it though.
LiveinBluemoons LiveinBluemoons Nov 09, 2016
Try with "Look ... to me! Understand?!?" 
                              Hmm maybe not that but a coma or something
Nural7lwa Nural7lwa May 18, 2016
Her father is a sick bastard!
                              Oh, and nice book so far. I like it.