The Rejected To The Wanted

The Rejected To The Wanted

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+insomni4c+ By Little_Red_317 Updated Nov 29, 2018

Blamed for the death of the former Alpha and her parents that died trying to protect her. Alyssa Silvers is treated like crap by her pack, now abused, forgotten, and broken Alyssa is now the pack omega, a slave, some they could order for their every need and cry, someone who was imprisoned.

Then when Dylan Anderson, Alpha of her pack, was turning sixteen he finds out she is his mate, and immediately rejects her. After ten years of abuse, enough was enough, this was a breaking point, this was the last straw. She packs her bag and becomes a rouge.

She was soon found by another pack, and welcome her as their own. After three years she finally returns to her old pack to help with rouges in the area. She's back better than ever. Dylan now has his eyes on her now.

She was once the rejected now she is wanted.

*WARNING* contains strong language and in need of EXTREME EDITING.
(I wrote this when I was really young and then took a long ass break so forgive the immatureness of it.)

  • alpha
  • badass
  • change
  • fights
  • harm
  • love
  • mate
  • newmate
  • pack
  • rejection
  • self
  • she
  • strong
  • werewolf
  • wolf
MaRia_THe_iNSaNeKiD MaRia_THe_iNSaNeKiD Jan 27, 2018
*claps* Wow he choose his reputation over love, wow just wow congrats Dicklan Bitchyson you deserve complete abuse, humiliation, misery, Death and.....SATAN HIMSELF *makes a loud clap* I hope you're happy.......DOWN THERE IN HELL
freelittlegirl freelittlegirl May 16, 2017
Alright guys what do we got to kill this  boy how about moka from Rosario vampire and toyoko ghoul
Red-insanity4002 Red-insanity4002 Mar 25, 2018
And your a weak pathetic excuse of an alpha! You are a coward! Did you notice when you pointed at her there are three fingers pointing right back at you bitch
delarosa276 delarosa276 Jul 01, 2017
Girl where is your wolf at. And when you come back I hope they die and do not rest in piece.
ladyarchangel74 ladyarchangel74 Apr 02, 2018
And the pack doesn’t need the world’s biggest dumba** of an alpha to lead them to an early grave.
CheesyNachoss CheesyNachoss Nov 05, 2017
Bbbitch needs to go to hell, visit some of her family for a while.