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Makkachin By CorvusArgentum Completed

*A Featured Wattpad story* 

Arden Mercer, former fearsome assassin, is perfectly content to live a wandering life and delight in the endless pleasures the world has to offer. Yet, to win his freedom once and for all, he is summoned by the King for one last task: hunting down a mysterious rogue Wizard. 

Armed with a particular set of skills, Mercer is convinced that this will be an easy job. But with the presence of a band of ruthless pursuers who will stop at nothing to claim the same target and the ghosts of his own past to contend with, he may well have to reconsider that thought...

#3 in Fantasy - 22/06/2016
#1 in Fantasy - 06/07/2016

*Cover by @aciddaisies_*

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BinaRodgers BinaRodgers Mar 17
I love featured books, the quality in featured books is so great.
MrSanguine MrSanguine Jun 25
Love the chapter. Very interesting. I like Mercer's badassery. Great way to showcase his abilities.
                              Boland is the generic brute. I like that. The thoughts of Mercer were funny. I guess you could say he's MERCERLESS
Awesome to see the massive spike in views for this fantastic book, well deserved!
Jayboii321 Jayboii321 May 28
That moment where you know all the dream casting actors before you start reading a book :)
maratrey maratrey Jun 18
I love that Mercer's retired...not the typical amateur assassin fresh-outta-school.
Ohhh, the villains always wear black... or this guy is just a prick.