Traffick Rescue (Interracial / BWWM)

Traffick Rescue (Interracial / BWWM)

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AriesLaw By AriesLaw Updated Dec 08, 2016

Na'chelle Holland is a 19 year old black woman. She gets kidnapped from her city and taken across seas to an unknown location (for the time being), for human trafficking purposes.

          How will she get out from such disturbing surroundings? Can she save the other girls? Would she even save them? Where is she? 

         Read to find out. 

A Rough Sneak Peek:     I wanted to scream, and punch and kick, and scratch. I wanted to run, but my body became heavier as my eyesight dimmed; He placed me upon his shoulder and proceeded out the door and walked towards a black van...

          He took me out of the club that night. Shoot, he took me out of the country! I have no clue where I am or how I truly got here. I just know that there are a bunch of multicultural girls here, of all ages, which have to perform various "things" for these inhumane monsters. Thankfully I haven't had to perform yet...

dcdangerouslyinlove dcdangerouslyinlove Oct 08, 2016
I found this book amazing and i am currently working on my own book called Broken its a fanfic
dcdangerouslyinlove dcdangerouslyinlove Oct 08, 2016
I hope you can check it out and let me know what you think so far
Silent_killer_101 Silent_killer_101 Feb 27, 2016
My English teachers name is Holland but I like to call her wicked witch
Amhj89 Amhj89 Feb 21, 2016
He is so wrong...Lol ethnic ppl populate the earth... y'all are welcome
Ladybugpinkz Ladybugpinkz May 06, 2015
love the starting I love the main character great job..... keep it up 
driyonce driyonce May 06, 2015
This was funny but then I got creeped out with Ziti and that guy. This is great and your writing is superb. I'm kinda jealous actually, but this seems great so far. Very humorous and relatable. I'm intrigued to know what's gonna happen next. I say five stars. Keep it up! :)