wonderstruck ➳ lilo

wonderstruck ➳ lilo

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❝i am in fact straight liam.❞

❝you sure about that?❞


louis has a crush on the captain of the football team; liam.
liam some how knows, and enjoys teasing louis about it until he surprisingly catches feelings for louis too. © heavenharry 2015

I've read this 3 times now I love this book and little sassy Liam
So am i!!
                              Its because i spilt my drink when i read this 
                              What other explanation would there be ;)
lushfullie lushfullie Apr 24
this is deadass the first story I read where the crushee (Liam) knows about the crusher's (Louis) crush and teases them omg it's amazing
LolGirlLol787878 LolGirlLol787878 May 02, 2016
THAT IS A DISGUSTING LARRY GIF NOT LILO(no offense but I ain't no larry)
zarrybracelets zarrybracelets Oct 16, 2016
Yyyaaasss!!!! ZAAARRRRYYYY AAAAFFFFF!!!!!! good side ship 👍👌