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 Daryl Dixon imagines

Daryl Dixon imagines

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Grace_xx By grace01__ Updated Dec 11, 2016

     You were with daryl and Beth when the prison fell. Y'all had been walking in the woods for a while and you were getting tired. Just as you were about to ask daryl when y'all were stoping, Beth fell in a hole twisting her ankle. 

You and daryl both rushed to help her up. 'Can you walk on it?' You asked 'no it hurts to much.' She said with a voice full of pain. Daryl squatted down to give her a piggy back ride. You stifled a laugh when Beth asked ' a piggyback ride really?' Daryl replied with ' it's a serious piggyback ride. Now get on.' 

You and them walked till you saw a grave yard and a morgue. 'We should stay there for the night it's getting dark' you said inspecting the sky. 

~ fast forward~ 

you had heard a noise out side the door for about the 5 time and you were just about to go and check it out when Daryl said he's get it. He walked back into the room and said 'it's a dog.' He sat back down in his spot. You sarted hearing The sound again this time it's you and Daryl tha...

Malilou23 Malilou23 Jan 06
Of course! There are many kinds of piggyback rides... Od course 😂