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My back hit the cold stone wall as his body slowly pushed up to mine. "Why do you insist on defying me?" He asked in a low tone to which I could not respond, I was too afraid of what he would do. He leaned in closer to my left ear and whispered, "You'll never escape my grasp." His hand traveled from my neck to my arm, leaving a trail of goosebumps. I knew that he was never going to let me go, never going to set me free, I would spend the rest of my existence by a creature that could crush me with one hand if he so desired. I was trapped.

Some sexual content.
Strong language.

CAST ('Cause why not?):

Quincy (Quinn) - Eva Green
Kohen Lancaster - Gale Harold 
Marilyn Shadè - Jennifer Laurence

Quincy Moorese - Eva Green
Alastair Moorese - Heath Ledger (RIP)
Kohen Lancaster - Gale Harold
Cole Gunnison - Ian Somerhalder

  • bondage
  • chains
  • kidnapped
  • master
  • slave
  • vampire
Listening to Demolition Lovers by mcr while reading this makes the combination unreal.