Saving Tesla | #1 Devil's Army MC

Saving Tesla | #1 Devil's Army MC

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Paige Carlin By _ChunkyMonkey_ Completed

Being an outlaw, I was used to the blood and pain of others. I was used to the look of fear in my enemies' eyes. I knew what I wanted out of life. 

Until I found her.

She was like a goddess to me, a siren. And I was determined to save her from the life she had escaped from.

* * * 

I've experienced loss more than once in my life. I guess you could say I kind of welcomed it. It's the only thing I have ever known. I was used to feeling empty and broken.

He was my knight in a leather cut. He helped me escape from a life of despair, but then the pain was forced to the surface and I was drowning in it.

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Mama_G Mama_G Jun 27, 2017
This is something I truly needed to read and imprint in my mind, heart, soul....I'm at a crossroads and been just staring for the last few years. .. Right? Left? Straight?
                              I thank you
Mama_G Mama_G Jun 27, 2017
True men are men ...I'm sure if us ladies found a man w no shirt beat up w marks all over his body and we just so happened to notice his fine assss toned body.. Ladies will be Ladies 😉
Mama_G Mama_G Jun 27, 2017
Oralé Papi no need to lightly smack her...some water maybe whisper in her ear
YourGirlsABum YourGirlsABum Nov 11, 2017
looking @ my old comment, not remembering reading this. 💀
shara_blah_ shara_blah_ Jul 14, 2016
Heart murmur. My mom told me I had one and the doctors didn't see it
viareety viareety Dec 03, 2016
Okay so i saw the title and i was like... "Tesla... As in Nikola Tesla.. Wait. Wha-???"