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I Adore The Bad Boy

I Adore The Bad Boy

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Float Like a butterfly, Sting like a bee By shezthepizza Completed

A feisty headstrong girl with no weaknesses. Traumatised by the events of her past as well as present, she realises there is not much to live for. After she returns to London after so long it doesn't take her long to fall in danger, only this time she meets Daniel.

Your typical bad boy but far more dangerous with his psychotic behaviour. Daniel has one job and that is to eliminate rival gangs, while living a roller coaster of a life he meets Cataleya, only to have her change his life.

Rewritten version is coming soon

inspiringreads inspiringreads Oct 27, 2016
cos it's my life i'm gonna take it back, and never for a second blame yourself..
Amoeba_music Amoeba_music Jun 22, 2016
Of course the evil step-mother would be Fiona. Has anyone seen that movie?
teeteeva teeteeva Aug 24, 2016
Let me get my binoculars so I can find where I give a flying Fück
TheOriginalRebel TheOriginalRebel Dec 04, 2016
Thiz bitch... 😑 my mum should give this guy a good wack on the head! >> oml I laughed at my own joke!😂😂(No im not sad! Im a rebel😏)
kateyfrancis88 kateyfrancis88 Nov 26, 2016
My family wants the same so I live my life with wattpad since I don't have any close friends
brooke__4589 brooke__4589 Aug 09, 2016
I screamed that in the middle of a test at school 
                              I got suspended